MechWarrior Online BETA Update

Build Version 1.0.134 (That's right.. Version 1.0!!!)
Patch Date - Thursday Oct. 25th @ 10AM – 1:30PM PDT
Another push towards Open Beta and we’ve been very busy.
Not only are there numerous fixes and improvements on existing systems, we’ve also added the Cicada (CDA) to the BattleMech lineup as well as 3 more variants of existing Mechs.  On top of all of that, we’ve added new upgrades.  Ferro Fibrous armor, Endo-Steel Internal Structure and Double Heat Sinks are now in the game!
Ferro Fibrous armor is going to give you a bit more survivability on the battlefield; it is a little lighter, but at the cost of critical space.  Endo-Steel Internal Structure frees up tonnage on your Mech at the cost of critical space.  This is an advantage for the heavier Mechs in the Mech line-up.  Double Heat Sinks will double the heat dissipation at the same tonnage cost, but take up 3 times the amount of critical space.
To accommodate these new additions in MechLab, there is a new flow that has been introduced in terms of interface.  Check out the new tabs just under the MechLab tab when you enter.  While you’re here, you may also want to check in on your PilotLab Modules.  There’s a new module there that will give you a new aiming system to play with.  Just remember, you press “V” to activate it.
We've also made changes to the economy of the game.  Firstly, we standardized MC to C-Bill pricing. Secondly, we've lowered engine prices and item prices have been increased. This all adds up to, Mech costs being the sum of it's parts.  While it doesn't follow the canon pricing, it is close.
Pretty Graph
Graph of Mech Prices, from Light to Assault
As you can see, the average MC cost now (green line), is much lower than previous (dashed red line).  Now, you get more value for your MC, as an Atlas AS7-D, for example, is not the same cost as an Atlas AS7-K. This helps reflect the fact that many variants have more sophisticated equipment, and thus are worth more. So to sum up: Average MC cost for Mechs is much lower, and there are spikes in MC cost for Mechs with advanced equipment.
The rest of the changes are in the patch notes below and we hope to see you take advantage of the new features in combat.  Now get out there and pop a Jenner!
P.S. Those of you who have purchased the December issue of PC Gamer will now have your Mech Skin and Coconut Monkey Bobblehead!

Change Log

User Data:
We will be resetting:
  • BattleMech Inventory
  • Item Inventory
  • C-Bills AND MechWarrior Credits (MC)
  • Premium Account Time
  • Mech XP and all Mech Trees (Efficiencies)
  • Pilot Trees (Modules)
We then credit:
  • Founder’s Packages
  • MC Purchases
  • 75% of your C-Bills earned since Sept 18,2012
  • Mech XP earned since Sept 18,2012
We won't be resetting:
  • User accounts, friends lists
  • Jenner JR7-K
  • Raven RVN-3L
  • Cicada CDA-2A
  • Cicada CDA-2B
  • Cicada CDA-3C
  • Cicada CDA-3M
  • Awesome AWS-9M
NOTE: The Centurion CN9-D will be appearing on November 6th.  We understand that you will not be able to elite the Centurion line until then.  We apologize for the delay as the CN9-D is reliant on the Artemis guidance system.

New flow in MechLab:
  • Configure button is now removed. Configuration is now done through the section tabs
  • The section tabs (Loadout, Modules, etc.) are now directly accessible after selection of your ‘Mech
  • The section tabs can now only be accessed one at a time (you must save or cancel to go to another tab)
Engine heat sinks
  • Engines with a rating of 275 or greater can contain one or more heat sinks inside of them without taking up critical slots.
  • There is now a mechanism to add/remove these heat sinks (previously these heat sinks were fixed within the engine). The number of spots available and the number of spots taken are shown in the equipped engine
  • When removing an engine, any heat sinks within the engine are also removed
  • The number of heat sinks the engine is capable of holding is the same regardless of whether the ‘Mech uses single or double heat sinks
New Upgrades tab - upgrades are options that affect the ‘Mech as a whole, there are currently three upgrade types to choose from:
  • Armor (currently selectable are Standard and Ferro-Fibrous)
  • Changing your armor type automatically replaces all of your armor with the new type
  • Cost of the upgrade is a fixed price for the conversion (based on max tonnage of the ‘Mech) plus the cost of whatever armor of the new type you need to buy. Having an amount of armor of the proper type in your inventory will therefore reduce the cost of the upgrade
  • Armor types other than Standard take up critical slots (14 for Ferro-Fibrous). These slots will be floating (see below)
Structure (currently selectable are Standard and Endo-Steel)
  • Cost of the upgrade is a fixed price based on max tonnage of the ‘Mech
  • Structure affects tonnage of the ‘Mech (Endo-Steel is lighter)
  • Armor types other than Standard take up critical slots (14 for Endo-Steel). These slots will be floating (see below)
Heat sinks (select between single and double)
  • Selects whether your ‘Mech may use single or double heat sinks. Only one type of heat sink may be used on a ‘Mech at a time
  • Cost of the upgrade is a fixed price
  • Engines are also automatically upgraded to double the heat sink capability
  • When heat sink type is changed, all heat sinks are removed from the ‘Mech and new heat sinks of the proper type must be installed (and bought if necessary)
Floating slots
  • Some upgrades take up critical slots. These slots are auto-flowed into available empty slots
  • If a floating slot appears in white, other items can be dragged on to it and it will be moved to an available slot somewhere else on the ‘Mech
  • If a floating slot appears in yellow, then there is no open empty slot that it can be moved to and so can not be used for other items
  • Floating slots are ignored in the critical hit system
  • Running into another Mech will no longer knock it down.
  • Line of sight check now higher on Mech so targeting can occur when only 25% of the mech is visible over a hill instead of 50% 
  • Explosions explode on the surface of the water and spawn water explosion effects 
  • AC/Gauss/PPC type weapons now pass through water and deal a reduced amount of damage depending on depth of the hit 
  • Laser water hit effects spawn at the correct location on the surface of the water and deal a reduced amount of damage depending on depth of the hit
  • Added Picture in Picture Zoom module. (Default mapped key for advanced zoom is 'V')
  • Added Current active Vision mode status in HUD
  • Extend range finder to 2500m( was 1500m )
  • Cockpit light will now flicker after taking hard hits
  • Animation shaking under various circumstances
  • ‘smoother’ jump jetting behavior
  • Weapon hit detection more in-line with where you see the mech on your screen (don’t have to shoot infront of your mech so much) especially at lower frame rates were the problem was the worst.
  • Two AMS on a Mech (AS7-K) now correctly destroy double the missiles
  • PPC’s will no longer cross at extreme ranges
  • Players are no longer able to zoom or change vision modes when a Mech is shut down  
  • Zoom and Vision modes are tuned off when a Mech shuts down
  • Target hit indication for missiles now correctly only goes off when explosion damage is dealt 
  • Users can no longer specify an FOV less than 60.0 degrees in the user.cfg

We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

- The MechWarrior® Online™ Team

MechWarrior® Online™
Piranha Games Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada