Pop-Hop is pleased to present another series of Itty Bitty Chit Chat, a baby sign language class with Hubbell RadueEach session is a concentrated curriculum consisting of 20 useful signs to use with your baby during daily routines. These signs will help you bridge the communication gap between you and your baby while boosting his/her IQ level and stimulating cognitive development. As a visual language your child will have the ability to communicate sooner meaning fewer tantrums, greater self-esteem and confidence as well as establishing a stronger parent-child relationship. American Sign Language will be taught with acute awareness of placement, hand shape and expression in order to emulate the language accurately in order to give your baby the added benefits of bilingual development.

There will be four sessions on Saturdays at noon beginning January 12. The class fee is $85 for all four classes in advance or $22 for a single class. For more info, or to sign up, visit http://thepophop.com/ or email us at pop@thepophop.com.
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