New disc flight resource launched!
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inbounds Disc Golf releases the inFlight Matrix!

After much development, inbounds Disc Golf is proud to announce our latest disc flight tool: the inFlight Matrix.  The inFlight Matrix is a grid that plots distance vs. net stability for all discs in the inFlight Guide (all 499 of them).  In addition to just viewing the discs on the inFlight Matrix, you can also mouseover any disc to preview the flight chart.  The release of the inFlight Matrix solidifies the inFlight Guide as the most complete and dynamic disc flight tool available.


inFlight Matrix Features

  • Compare all discs in the inFlight Guide (grouped by similar distance vs. net stability ratings)
  • Mouseover discs to preview their flight chart
  • Display full flight charts by selecting chart position from the dynamic menu
  • Grid selection based on disc name or using the dynamic Mini Matrix (below)


With the launch of the inFlight Matrix, we've also made several major updates and enhancements to the inFlight Guide:

  • Relative Stability Scale Revision - After collecting data for two years, we've fine-tuned our algorithm for the relative stability scale.  This revision further eliminates outlier values, better dials in the distance potential, and applies more range-appropriate stability ratings.
  • Enhanced Table Filtering - Ever wanted to filter the table based on a range of distances or stabilities?  The latest version of the inFlight Guide includes the ability to filter the data based on an exact value, values that are greater/less than a specific value, or a range of values.
  • Onboard Instructions - We've moved the instructions page to the inFlight Guide as a separate tab at the top of the page.  So if you have any questions about which button does what or which operator to use, all the information you need to view the inFlight Guide is right at your finger tips.
  • Matrix View on the Fly - Want to see where a disc lands on the Matrix?  Just click the ? button while in the List View or in the chart comparison to navigate to and highlight the cell of the grid where that disc resides.
  • NEW DISCS - Almost to 500!  We added these 11 discs over the course of the past few weeks but were waiting until we launched the inFlight Matrix before we released them.  This brings us to 499 discs in the inFlight Guide!
    • Axiom Alias
    • Axiom Envy
    • Daredevil Big Foot
    • Daredevil Sasquatch
    • Daredevil Yeti
    • Innova Mako3
    • Innova Roc3
    • Innova Shark3
    • Latitude 64 Jade
    • Millennium Aries
    • Millennium Omega Big Bead
  • Updated URLs - Ever tried to send the web address after you've selected several discs only to find that it loads a blank page?  Not to worry!  Every time you select a disc to be displayed in the comparison charts, the URL will update automatically.  Just paste the web address into your email & social media posts to share the flight charts.

Find out how all your discs fly at inbounds Disc Golf!



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