for me, October is a festival of orange


That fun & crazy October holiday is fast approaching & I thought you all might like a little inspiration for decorating.  This is a picture from a job I  did a week ago up in the San Francisco Bay which is anticipated & loved by the whole town.  The blog post & video aren't up for this year's extravaganza yet but you can see last year's decorations HERE.   By the way, you'll find some decorating tips in that post.  Be sure to check out the VIDEO too - it's short & entertaining.

Pumpkins & other squashes

I discovered Kabocha squash last year which is not only beautiful for Fall decorating but it's wonderful for cooking too.  I've made soups & curries with it - both turned out very yummy.  Its relatives, the acorn & butternut squashes, are much more popular but I like this one better.  It comes in a variety of sizes from small to medium so you don't have to lug a 15 pound pumpkin home.  I've tried the green Kabocha squash which is similar in taste but slightly less sweet & moist.  I love a plant with purpose - decorate with it & then eat it! 


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